About Us

In building a perfect shop where anyone and everyone could come in and find something that he or she likes is a quest in itself. Despite of price war and competitions and other internet markets, Niche Category has finally been underway. It's been a constant struggle to find the best product at the best price with the best service, but it has been something that I have striven for all through out, and that's the spirit and attitude that one could carry about.

We (the service staff and I) find trendy and useful products in Europe and Asia market and get them from manufacturers directly to keep the prices low. If you ever wondered what your spouse, kids or nephews want for birthday or Christmas, then come to Niche Category, a place where you'll find something 'nichy' for everybody.

The website has various niches thus far, they are Anime, which include the popular Pokemon Go, Naruto, One Piece, Minecraft, Dragon Ball, Totoro.. (combined these popular anime into one group), 3.Clothing and Accessories, 4.Cosplay/Costumes, 5.Decor, 6. Educational (puzzles) and 7.Gadgets. I have to admit that I used to play and watch Pokemon, Naruto, One Piece, and others. I may have quit as I got older, but I know that they are inspirational animations to the young generations, so finally now that I have made an online store to support and share the long-lasting animations that myself and many others have always enjoyed.

In searching for niches for our store, we came across many cosplay and gadgets niches in addition to just animes that would entertain and deem useful to a fan or the any individual. So they became other niches that later would be added to the shop.

We have a 30 days money-back policy after you receive your product. If you don't enjoy the item, then return it to us for a refund. Some manufacturers only accept returns after 14 days, so please let us know soon to offer you the best service.

Plus we ship worldwide and directly from manufacturers, please generally allot 1 week for processing and 2 to 5 weeks for shipping depending on your country of residence. And to offset the possible extended shipping time, we offer free shipping to major countries in the world. Feel free to contact Nichecategory@outlook.com to find out the specific shipping rate in your country.

Come and find your niche, your special inner expression.
We're also on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/nichecategory

If you have feedback on what you like to see in the near future, please send requests to Nichecategory@outlook.com

Have a nice day!


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