Unisex Fashion: Can It Ever Be More Than a Niche Category?

So I was looking for Niche Category, this website store online. And couple results came up before it. Here's the first result, an article titled: Unisex Fashion: Can It Ever Be More Than a Niche Category? What an interesting topic, so I'm making a summary and excerpts of the main points.

Many brands are making unisex clothes -- but we wonder if the category will really ever break though.

When Kristi Paras launches e-commerce for her year-old West Village shop Personnel of New York in the coming weeks, product categories will include Menswear, Womenswear, Accessories and Everyone. "Everyone" meaning unisex, or pieces that can -- and are -- worn by men and women. She also carries New Zealand-based brand Kowtow, which includes men's and women's pieces made out of 100 percent organic fair trade cotton, as well as a few looks that are gender neutral. Although Paras is quick to declare that unisex clothes are "not a trend," one can't ignore that gender roles are being questioned more than ever in fashion. Particularly via the runway

Miuccia Prada, too, is thinking about genderless fashion. "More and more, it feels instinctively right to translate the same idea for both genders," she told Style.com's Tim Blanks at the Prada menswear show this past July.
While it's virtually impossible to measure the market for unisex clothes, there's also no denying that a market exists. Women, however, seem to make up most of that market. "Women are more inclined to step into that gender-neutral role," says Johnny Pizzolato, owner of International Playground, a chainlet of New York stores that specializes in brands from abroad that are difficult to track down in the States. "They're more likely to head over to the men's section. Men don't like to deviate."

The writer sees that men and women, although different, have a lot of similarities that make us, well human. We shouldn't treat each other different, as seen by non-discriminatory laws in the workplace and women finally getting the right to vote in 1920 by the passing of 19th amendment. Also a lot of everyday items, such as tee shirts and jackets, are already been used or shared interchangeably, so it's not really a niche category to the public, but it's a great idea to sell more products that appeal to both genders, and I'll keep that in mind when getting more inventories to the store~

"Anonymous" unisex sweatshirt. Photo: Personnel of New York


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